DJ Supersamuli

Hotel Blackout


Don Carlos - Alone
Soft House Company - What you need
Soulboy - Harmonica track (Generation mix)
Afrika Bambaataa - Just get up and dance (Doom Doom mix)
Future Sound of London - Q
N.O.I.A. - Stranger in a strange land (version 1983)
Stone Fox Chase - Area code 613
Cruisin’ Gang - America
Dream 17 - Annette
Cleavage - Barah (House mix)
Madonna - Fever (Murk Boys Miami mix)
Enzo Avitabile - Black Out
Chas Jankel - 3,000,000 synths
Colm III - You take me high (Original mix)
Andronicus - Make you whole
Liasons Dangereuses - Los Niños del parque
Black Sheep - Strobelite honey (Yes we did mix)
Nomad - (I wanna give you) Devotion
Frankie goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the pleasudome
Funky Family - Funk is on
Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Journey mix)